General Booking Conditions

When booking through any of our digital channels, these Terms and Conditions apply in conjunction with our Privacy Policy, Website Terms of Use and any other written information that we have notified you prior to confirming your booking.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully as they contain a number of important information and explain our respective rights and obligations.

References in this booking conditions (s) refer to the personal name first entered in the booking and to all other persons in whose name a booking has been made. The owner and operator of this page is gmbh, Zürcherstrasse 33, 8104 Weiningen.

By booking, the first person named in the booking agrees on behalf of all other persons named in the booking that he / she:
  • has read and understands these booking conditions and agrees to be bound by them
  • our use of information in accordance with our privacy policy
  • is older than 18 years of age and declares that he / she has achieved the age required for the appointment of benefits, as well as all members of the travel company, the age required for the acquisition of such benefits; and
  • assumes the financial responsibility of paying the booking on behalf of all persons named in the booking.

1. Make a booking

To book a room with us, please follow the instructions on the page. To secure your booking, you must provide your credit card or debit card details. Please check the information in your booking for accuracy before sending your request. If false information is provided, we assume no liability for delays or non-fulfillment of your booking.
Once we have sent you a confirmation with a valid confirmation number that details the details of your booking, your booking will be considered confirmed and a binding contract will be entered into between you and us. If, after receiving the opinion that information in the confirmation is incorrect, or if you wish to make changes, you must immediately contact us, as changes may not be possible at a later date.

We reserve the right to refuse a booking and confirmation of a booking at our discretion.

2. Cancellation and payment terms.

We reserve the right to demand full or partial prepayment for the room reservation. The reservation is valid after receipt of payment as confirmed. Unless otherwise stated, additional services (breakfast, half board, full board, minibar, etc.) are not included in the price.

Unless otherwise noted, cancellation is free until 14 days prior to arrival. From 14 days before arrival the total amount will be charged. We reserve the right to charge cancellation fees via the provided credit card details. gmbh undertakes to make available the rooms reserved by the client and to provide the agreed services. The customer is obligated to pay for the room rental and the other services used at current prices. This also applies to services and expenses of gmbh to third parties arranged by the customer. gmbh may make its consent to any subsequent reduction in the number of booked rooms, the services of gmbh or the length of stay of the customer depending on the price of the room and / or other services elevated. Certain promotional offers available on the internet are distributed exclusively over the internet, i. H. remotely and in no case directly at the reception.

We strive to ensure that all information and prices on our site and in our marketing materials are always correct; however, changes and errors may occasionally occur and we reserve the right to correct prices and other information in such circumstances. You are required to always check the current price and all other details of the selected reservation before making a booking.

3. Changes by you

If you wish to cancel an already confirmed booking, you must follow the procedure stated in your booking confirmation. Please note that certain bookings after confirmation are non-refundable in case of cancellation.

4. Early departure

In case of early departure, we will not be able to reimburse the costs of the rest of the booked and unused period of stay and we will not be liable for any associated costs. Under certain circumstances, your travel insurance will pay for any early departure costs, so we recommend directing any claims directly to the insurer.

5. Room preparation, handover and return

The guest does not acquire a guaranteed right to the provision of certain rooms. Booked rooms are available to the guest at the earliest from 16:00 on the agreed arrival day. The guest is not entitled to an earlier provision. On the agreed departure day, the rooms must be vacated by 10:30 at the latest.

Earlier use of the room (s) (early check-in) or later return of the room (s) (late check-out) can be arranged with the property. gmbh is entitled to charge extra for this. Contractual claims of the guest are not justified by this.

6. Special wishes

Special requests on your part should be communicated to us at the time of booking under "special requests and requests". While we strive to meet all reasonable requirements, we can not guarantee that your requests will be met unless you have received confirmation from us.

The non-fulfillment of special requests does not constitute a breach of contract on our part, unless your request has been expressly confirmed. We do not accept bookings that are made dependent on special requests.

7. Health problems or disability

If you or any other person has a health condition or disability that may affect your stay, please let us know before making your booking so that we can advise you on the suitability of a particular accommodation.

In any case, you must provide full details in writing at the time of booking. Should gmbh be unable to adequately accommodate the special needs of the person concerned, we reserve the right to refuse the booking or, if no details are provided at the time of booking, to cancel as soon as we be informed.

8. Complaints

If you have any complaints during your stay, please contact the hotel manager immediately, who will make every effort to put your complaints in order. If a complaint is not resolved and you want to maintain your complaint, you must send your complaint within seven days after the end of the stay in writing to stating your booking number and all other relevant information to us.

By making a booking at gmbh you will be liable for any damage or loss caused by you or any other person. The cost of such damage or loss must be paid directly and wholly to gmbh at this time. If you do not comply with this obligation, you are liable as a result of your actions for future claims against us (plus our own and all legal costs). gmbh reserves the right to terminate your stay or that of another person due to misconduct at any time and at reasonable discretion. Refunds are not gmbh is under no obligation to pay any damages or costs incurred or expenses incurred by terminating your stay.

9. Our liability

We assume no liability and do not pay compensation for injury, illness, death, loss, damage, expenses, costs or other claims as a result of:
  • Acts and / or omissions of the data subject (s).
  • Acts and / or omissions of third parties, which are not related to the provision of the contracted accommodation and which were neither foreseeable nor unavoidable for us.
  • unusual or unpredictable circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which could not be avoided even with the greatest care; or events that we could not anticipate or anticipate, despite all care.
Please note that we can not be held liable for any damage, loss, expense or other expense (a) if it occurred on the basis of the information we provided about your booking prior to our acceptance, if it was unpredictable for us or if we have violated our contract with you; or (b) when these business activities are involved.

We assume no liability for services or facilities that are not part of our contract with you. Excursions or other activities that you can book or pay during your stay at gmbh are not part of your contractual agreement with us.

The photos displayed on our site are not contractual. Although every effort is made to ensure the most accurate possible impression of the accommodation offered with photographs, graphics and texts, deviations may occur, in particular in the case of furniture changes or renovation work.

10. Applicable Law & Jurisdiction

Without prejudice to any binding protective provisions applicable in your country of residence, we both agree that these booking conditions and any agreements to which they relate are governed in all respects in accordance with Swiss law and that disputes will be resolved by the courts of Switzerland.

11. Changes to the booking conditions

These booking conditions can be changed and / or supplemented by us at any time. In this case, we publish the new edition of the booking conditions online, which applies to all customers with immediate effect.

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